Iranian American Perspective Telling Truth about US




The current epicenter of terrorist incubation and infestation is the Af-Pak/Central Asia/Iran triangle. It is urgent that solid, pro-active, sustained measures are taken to influence the hearts and the minds of these people – and to re-emphasize, particularly the youth – by creatively teaching and demonstrating via multimedia broadcasts, the way the US achieved freedom and prosperity, and how they can do the same.

To Promote the US, Democracy, Civil Society, and to Offset the Islamic Regime  Influence and Domination of the Iranian Media.

 Democracy as an ideology has very strong attraction in and of itself, particularly to the youth of the world, and our focus region is no exception. But the youth must be reached early so that the right perspectives can be inculcated in them before they are brainwashed by competing and destructive ideologies. Three factors or elements can be tapped to help get the message across: Local traditions – democratic ideals can be shown to be in concert with or similar to many of the customs or tradition of the native cultures. .

The Jirga system of the Pashtuns of Afghanistan and Pakistan is a very good example.  The right leaders, particularly religious leaders in the target societies – there are many open-minded Muslim clerics and scholars who openly espouse Western ideals of liberty and democracy. The inherent magnetism of the American ideal – the most important factor which has as yet to be capitalized on is the natural attraction most people feel for the American way of life and American ideals. The seeds exist; the challenge is to nurture them to develop strong roots.



تظاهرکننده گان از رژیم اسلامی خواستند که دست از حمایت از گروه های تروریستی در خارج از کشور بردارد و شعارهای آنها این بود که " نه غزه و نه لبنان جانم فدای ایران "

Demonstrators called on the regime to stop supporting terrorist groups abroad and said clearly in the slogans they chanted “Neither Gaza nor Lebanon ... my soul is searching for the redemption of Iran